Josh Gleason is a documentary filmmaker based in New York City. His short film, True Believer, produced and directed in collaboration with Sarah Colt, played at several film festivals in 2019 and was featured on the website of The Atlantic magazine. Josh also produced and co-directed The Disrupted, an observational feature documentary about three middle class Americans searching for financial stability and a sense of purpose. It will premiere in 2020.

Josh was a producer on Showtime’s The Circus, and several other PBS programs—including The Italian Americans and American Experience. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Josh reported and produced radio stories for This American Life, All Things Considered, and other NPR shows.

Josh co-founded Lovely Louise Pictures with Director and DP Vanessa Carr. They are currently collaborating on a feature documentary.

This is site is under renovation. In the meantime, you can find Josh on Instagram, or contact him here.

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